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Matthew Matt Lindgren is an Oakland therapist counselor who provides social anxiety therapy and counseling.

He was trained to treat anxiety disorders and social anxiety in a post-graduate internship at ABC Family Solutions, where he worked with people suffering from a range of anxiety disorders using cognitive behavioral therapy interventions such as EMDR, systematic desensitization, and exposure therapy. Mr. Lindgren supplements these approaches with body and behavioral based techniques such as Somatic Experiencing.

Matthew Matt Lindgren has a private practice in Oakland that focuses on treating social anxiety and other anxiety disorders as well as couples counseling. He graduated from New College of California with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is licensed in California as marriage and family therapist, #46949. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. Before becoming a therapist, Matthew Matt Lindgren worked for several years in the tech industry of Silicon Valley as technical writer and in marking roles.

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